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Jenna 26
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Amanda, 27

I’m always on the lookout for local guys who can have a bit of fun, having met a few I can admit that it has gone pretty well, most can deliver the goods.

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Jessica, 24

Deleted Tinder off my phone, realised that I wasn’t getting enough matches. Then I join ShagDates and the potential dates poured in. I can’t get enough.

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Adam, 28

Been single for a while now, going out with mates on the razzle, but it get’s tiring! Now I just meet women online, it’s so much easier.

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I was always a little skeptical about dating sites. Then I started using shagdates and the tables turned. Meeting and having fun is what I like to do. There is no middle ground for me, i’m either working hard, or playing hard this site let’s me get lot’s of the latter.

Sarah, 31

I’ve never dated anyone in my area before, I have always found men who were at least 20 minutes in the car, needless to say, ShagDates has really opened things up for me. Meeting singles in my area is a lot more fun, so much more in common and it’s not always just a one time thing...

Rebecca, 29

Meeting singles for hookups has always been a little difficult for me, I’ve tried clubbing, pubbing, going to the bars in the city, but nothing has been more of a hit that meeting women in my area. I can even message them through my mobile! who would have thought it?

James, 25

Finding A LocalShag Has Never Been So Easy

Some guys just don’t know what’s on their doorstep. There are plenty of guys I know which still travel for ages just to find a quick meet, and I used to do the same, until I discovered ShagDates. Have you ever wondered where that girl in your neighbourhood always get’s up to? Everyone loves a girl next door, and this is where this site comes in, I cannot begin to describe how many people I see on here. I actually saw one of the girls who is at the same bus stop every morning going to work. I was a little skeptical at the beginning, but meeting singles in my area for some fun, helps let off the steam after a long week!

Why Online Dating Has Exploded In The Last 6 Months

Local dating has become the thing in the past few months, and i’m not surprised - the number of individuals that have realised, that actually, they don’t need to go far to find another single to mingle with. Our community has given us much positive feedback. The real reason why online dating has exploded is because of technology, we have reached a point where singles are more likely to meet with people of their locality. Traditionally, peopl would sign up to a dating site, but the members could be from all over, which then makes it difficult to actually meet up, you could spend hours travelling and have no result. Sites like ours, makes it really easy to meet women in your area, or guys for that matter.

How To Chat To Singles You Meet Online

Speaking to other singles is never that easy, I’m not the looker but i’ve had some success here. The best bit, I think, is that all the women on here know what you are both here for, so there’s no long-winded chat for days on end, cut to the chase and start messaging tonight. Some of the people i’ve met from the neighbuorhood have been pleasant surprise.

Meet Local Girls Tonight: Dating On Your Doorstep

Why travel far for a meet when you have everything you need right in front of you? Local is the craze, singles now need someone that is literally in reaching distance, apps like Tinder and Happn have gone viral, but who wants to sit there swiping all day? Besides, I don’t think i’ve met a single person who lives in my neighborhood through the app, but through ShagDates I have, how do you answer that? I don’t like to gloat but i’ve been humping around like a rabbit, anyway, I really don’t expect that people would have read this far down, sign up and go chase that juice puppy!